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Our Story


As a team, and as children, we were inspired by our family’s entrepreneurial spirit. We watched our father take over the family business from his father. We watched him work tirelessly to grow his business, a small, bespoke tailoring business. Over time it grew into a major import and export business, trading in fine fabrics and silks.


In 1975 our world was turned on its head when Indonesia invaded East Timor. Our Mother and Father were forced to take one of the hardest decisions a family can take, to flee. Taking their young family to safety, we travelled to Portugal and then to Australia, to settle and start a new life in Melbourne. When we fled, we were forced to leave behind everything; not just material possessions and financial assets, but decades of effort in building our family business and our network of clients and suppliers.


Against all odds, our parent’s entrepreneurial spirit was hard to defeat. In time, our Mother and Father began a successful Chinese takeaway and restaurant business in Australia. As newly arrived immigrants, we were welcomed with open arms and supported by the local community with kindness and compassion. Kindnesses that we will never forget and have a long-held ambition to repay (more on this below).


Australia truly became a land of opportunity for the Chung family through the 1980’s to the 2000’s. As the family grew and the next generation completed their education, so the family business flourished.


Another tragedy loomed, perhaps the most defining of all, when our Father Oliver was diagnosed with Cancer. Following a courageous fight, he passed away in 2011.  He was a titan of business ingenuity and an inspiration to us, his children. We were compelled to continue, to evolve and grow the business in his name and the OPSKiC Group was created in his honour, the very name derived from our parents initials.


Today, using our core skills and experience, our focus is solely in property development. We work across Australia and Europe, creating the next successful chapter in the Chung family story, by creating homes for families and individuals just like us.



The Chung Family story …

From extremely humble beginnings in our homeland of East Timor, we have grown to be the OPSKiC Group that you see today. Now, led by Li-Peng Chung, along with brother John and sister Lina, our business is in property, but it hasn’t always been that way.



Our business is a family business.


Business has been at the heart of the Chung family for generations in one form or another. Today you see a very different business model; however everything you see is a direct result of the passion, integrity, spirit and drive of our parents. The values and teachings of our father Oliver and mother Kim, underpin everything we do; their unwavering motivation to make a better life for us and those around us, their enthusiasm and optimism in the face of adversity and their tireless energy and spirit to succeed for their children.





Following the tragic passing of our father in 2011, we needed to make sense of the loss. To find a fitting legacy, that would mirror our parents' passion and energy, and provide a suitable monument to the great man our father was. In 2016 OPSKiC Group was born with a clear and fitting long-term objective:


Our aim is to build a hospital in his name, to honour our parents and the life they have given to us. We want this hospital to serve the community we called home, leaving an indelible memory and worthy legacy in the Chung name.




We will achieve this by developing a number of commercial and social projects under the OPSKiC brand.


Our core business is in building homes and enriching communities through our programme of property developments. With each development project we complete, we will be taking great strides towards our long-term goal.


Read more about our parents and family journey below. Thank you for visiting our site and being part of part of it today.

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