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Secure Land

We have a rich and varied address book of contacts, enabling us to procure some of most viable and valuable sites for development.

Our Approach

Secure Funding

We have built strong relationships with funders and investors with the goal of raising equity for the projects we have been working on. We understand the complex structures that are involved in striking a deal.

Design & Planning

We lead discussions with Council planners and engage with them every step of the way, working closely to ensure we are delivering the appropriate and efficient designs that meet and satisfy the minimum Housing Standards. 

Couple and Architect
Property Construction


We advise on construction and design solutions and lead. We advise on phasing options and programme sequencing, project management, risk management of the development projects.


We work with the major Agents to discuss the sales strategy for marketing our development project.  We also sell development sites to other institutional investors and other private sectors.

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